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Jobs in Cyprus

A consensus among expatriates is that it might be difficult getting jobs in Cyprus if you do not know Greek. It might not be the lack of jobs that would affect you but rather the difficulty in finding a desired position as a non-Greek speaker. If ever you encounter such a problem, there are placement agencies which could provide you help. If you are only still planning on working in Cyprus, perhaps it would be better if you find an employer before going there. Companies in the island usually allow application submissions even though no call for employees has been made. All you need are your curriculum vitae, copies of diploma, certificates, and a cover letter. Nevertheless, do not lose hope if it takes some time because Cyprus' inclusion in the European Union has proved to be advantageous to their economy.

Moving to Cyprus
It would not be ideal to move to a country whose culture is unknown to you. There are some essential cultural details you should know about the Cypriot people, such as the  fact that they are a very family-oriented group who are mostly either Christians or Muslims. Greek Cypriots are largely Greek Orthodox while Turkish Cypriots are Muslims. The elderly are shown great reverence and respect in their country. When meeting someone, shake hands and make sure to maintain eye contact. Turkish Cypriots, however, prefer to lower their eyes in greeting as a sign of respect. Remember to never use another individual's first name unless you are invited to do so. The cost of living in Cyprus is relatively lower than in the UK which justifies the lower average salary.

Job Prospects in Cyprus
Because Cyprus has become a major tourist destination in the Mediterranean, international businesses and shipping industries have become prominent. High technology industries are currently being developed by the Cypriot government. The service sector is currently the biggest expanding industry in the country, in which the aforementioned service industry includes education, insurance, trade, banking, health care , public administration, communications, accounting, real estate, and legal services but business. Construction, manufacturing industries, and agriculture are other sectors which may have a high percentage of prospective jobs.

Typical Salaries and Benefits in Cyprus
The average salary for a worker in Cyprus is somewhere around 400 Cypriot pounds. Anything which pays more than 500 Cypriot pounds per month is considered to have great pay. Skilled workers are priced depending on their industry. A mechanic, for example, receives 600 Cypriot pounds monthly and a nurse is averagely priced at 500 while an IT specialist receives a salary close to 1000 Cypriot pounds. To give you a perspective of how much that is worth, one Cypriot pound is currently equivalent to 2.35 USD. Workers in Cyprus are granted an annual leave of up to 24 working days. Other grounds to apply for leave include maternity, sickness, parental concerns and study issues.

Basic Data on Taxes in Cyprus
Non-residents in Cyprus are only liable to pay taxes for what they earn inside the country. After 183 days, they are given the option to apply for residency. Cypriot residents are required to pay taxes for both local and international income.

High Demand Jobs in Cyprus
Jobs with a great demand in Cyprus include anything related to telecommunications and modern IT industries. Jobs in the service industry are also wide open as well as in construction and manufacturing industries. The most successful manufacturing industries in Cyprus include beverages, tobacco, food, clothing, textiles, footwear, metal products, leather goods, chemicals, plastic products, construction, and mining. Jobs in the agriculture industry are also in demand. Jobs in this particular sector are attributed 5.3% of the employed population in the country.

Immigration and Visa Issues in Cyprus
A Visa is required for everyone entering Cyprus except for visitors of particular countries for a stay which would not exceed 90 days. To apply for a Visa, you will be required to hold a passport valid for at least six months into the future. Those seeking work in the country are required to have a worker's permit unless they are from countries included in the European Union. 

Best Job Locations in Cyprus
Nicosia is a place offering many decent paying jobs, some of which are open to non-Greek speakers. Otherwise, look for a place with available offshoring companies since they are the ones who usually hire employees who cannot speak Greek.

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