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Working for your success!

We can help you create a winning resume

Getting through the interview process is surely a difficult thing to accomplish, however getting to the interview is an even harder achievement and this only depends on your resume.

Employers receive a large amount of resumes for the positions they advertise. Given their busy schedule and time constraints, they will only spend an average 30 seconds on your resume to decide whether you are good enough for an interview or not. Therefore, your resume has to be of such a high standard with respect to its content, quality and presentation in order for it to stand out, attract the attention of the employer and finally get you through to the interview stage.

We, at Cyprus Recruiter, can help you create the winning resume that will get you short-listed to the interview stage. Our specialized personnel, with many years of experience in recruitment services know firsthand the key features your resume must have to attract the attention of the employer. Our expert team in human resources have the know-how to create resumes at all levels of experience, academic knowledge and professional expertise.


Why we differ

We seek to provide candidates and applicants with the highest standard of professional CV writing services. We set ourselves apart in that, unlike most other companies offering similar services, we do not utilize standard or ready-made templates to create CVs and Cover Letters.

In contrast, we always seek to meet the candidate in person, to effectively evaluate their personal strengths and skills in order to create the best possible CV that is suited for them and the job that they are applying for.

Given the challenging job market that candidates are now faced with, we understand that a winning CV has to be tailor made to the candidate’s needs and one that truly stands out in terms of quality, structure and content.

Accordingly, our services are tailored to the requirements of each candidate and the particular job or type of job that the candidate is applying for.

By offering our clients the most professionally written and individually designed CVs, we guarantee their chances of getting through to the interview stage are significantly improved.


How we can help you:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Cover Letters
  • Job Applications
  • University Applications

Contact us by completing the form below to arrange a consultation meeting with one of our professional human resources personnel.


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